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Gone to Texas Archive Section

Gone to Texas has been growing steadily and so we have found the need to introduce a site archive.

As a learning tool, we have decided that some of the information we display on these pages should be retained and not deleted as in previous times.

Take your time to look through our reference pages from ’days gone by’ and brush up on your knowledge of Texas.

Alamo Heroes

Short biographies on the people who were involved in securing Texas’ freedom.

Alamo FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about The Alamo.

Alamo Timeline

The final thirteen days of The Alamo.


Short biographical sketches of those who were involved in serving justice.


Biographical snippets on some of people who stepped beyond the bounds of law and order and seared the West with their own brands of justice.

Texas Timeline

Events that, one way or another, made a difference shaping Texas.

Old West Slang

Language used by the gunslingers and sheriffs of 100 plus years ago.

Old West Cures

Remedies and cures that the folks in the Old West trusted and believed in.

Past Texans

Texans from previous weeks' trivia questions. Some famous and some not so famous.


Past newsletters with useful facts and information from the ’Gone to Texas’ staff and newsletter subscribers.

Who Are They?

We need help identifying the people posing in this Old West photograph.