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Happy 75th Birthday, Frito

Seventy-five years ago C.E. "Elmer" Doolin walked into a Mexican cafe and walked back out with a prosperous future in his hands. Doolin had just bought not only the fried corn chip the proprietor made, but he also bought the rights to sell the chip for $100. The Frito was born and only in Texas!

Not having the $100 with him at the time, Doolin's mother, Daisy Dean Doolin, pawned her diamond wedding ring to give her son the money. Her maternal faith must have been overwhelming. After Doolin bought the recipe, his mother even made the chips for him in her kitchen. Through a converted potato ricer, Daisy made strips of the chips. She fried them while her sons Elmer and Earl made changes, finally succeeding with the perfect formula.

Some say Daisy went th extra mile...they say she invented the Frito Pie, the delicacy every schoolchild in Texas as grown up with. Beef chili poured over fritos, topped with cheese and onions provides a treat many have devoured over those seventy-five years. Many a Frito Pie has been made in the bag and carried around at the State Fair, picnics, around the campfire, or around the house for a snack.

So Happy Birthday, little Frito. You have made many a Texan happy and well-fed!

Frito Bandito